Friday, August 6, 2010

Tuesday July 27, 2010

Day 12
Not a good sleeping night. My new roommate is a night owl. Up at 6 AM.

Urologist came to see me. He asks me if I can stand up. I stood up and he "pants" me and the next thing I know I am getting a prostate exam! WOW, that was uncomfortable! Prostate "slightly"enlarged but no lumps or bumps. At least it was good news. He thinks that the urgency issue may be attributed to to my BM problem.

PT & OT today. Nothing new, just working on the same stuff.

Started to get frustrated again and took some time to talk to my physical therapist, Anna. I asked how long I would need to use the walker, her guess was 3 months. Was hoping it wouldn't be that long. I need to start making realistic goals for myself so I can get where I need to be emotionally.

My Pastor, daughter and wife came to visit.

Had another BM today, so I hope that problem is rectified! They did another ultra sound of my bladder.

I have a CPAP (Continuous Positive Air Pressure) machine for my sleep apnea. This includes a full face mask. Over the last few days the mask has been irritating my nose. Even though I had no problem with the mask at home. They gave me strips of mole skin to put on my nose where the masks contacts.

My right thigh that has been numb since surgery has now started to hurt. Doctors say it's the nerves starting to "reconnect". It feels like hot stabbing needles. they have started giving me Neurotin.

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