Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday July 22, 2010

Day 7
Wake up at 5:45 AM.Doctors still trying to figure out if I have an infection or not. Temp back to normal. They have scheduled a CAT scan to see if there is any infection in my back. CAT scan was a real thrill!

I get a call from my union president. He tells me that he called the insurance company and they told him that the problem was that my doctor was not specific enough when he tried to send me to an acute care rehab facility. I told him that my doctor was sharp enough to be able to write orders  told him about my doctor appealing the first denial and that I had also appealed the insurance companies decision. He said that the insurance company had not told him about the appeals and that he wanted to look into it further. During the day people from my union and the case manager from the hospital were guarantee working together to get more information. They found a 2 page memo from my doctor to the insurance company listing all the reasons that I needed to go to an acute care facility. So now my union has caught the insurance company lying to them about my doctor not making a strong enough argument for the acute care facility. The shit hits the fan and I get a call from my union president telling me that I am going to the acute care facility. He is not happy with the insurance company lying to him. And that the union guarantee payment to Marlton Rehab Hospital until Blue Cross approves it in the morning.

Within 2 hours I am transferred to the acute care facility, nice place.

Day 7, no bowel movement!

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