Monday, August 2, 2010

My Spinal Fusion Surgery

After almost two years of back pain, leg numbness, epidural injections, and a truckload of narcotics I decided to get a spinal fusion.

Surgery was scheduled for July 16th.

This is my story....


  1. I am happy to find this! I am about to undergo this and was searching for some stories : ) thank u for sharing! I now begin my read.....

  2. This seems to be my life story about my three spine surgeries! Are you sure this isn't about me? So many of us go through the same thing, but don't know it, thanks for sharing.

  3. Hello All:

    I have had both my cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine fused. The Lumbar spine I just has done on April 26th 2012.
    This last one has been by far the most painful as all my weight sits on these discs.

  4. What type of fusion did you have? I'm post op day 36 from TLIF.
    L4,L5 had a cage rods screws donor tissue and bone graft.
    I wear a brace. I get very sore still and tire easy.
    I have been very active tho. Probably to much as far as doing things.
    Have not driven yet. I'm not aloud Advil or any NSAIDs. Tylenol does nothing but I hate narcotics. Can tolerate Tylenol 3 and that is all I've taken since discharge. Some days are great others like today I'm sore and extremely tired. Is this normal?