Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy 50!

Wednesday the 22nd was my 50th birthday. It has been 9 weeks since the surgery and to tell you the truth I don't feel much better. Still have lower back pain when I stand or walk (without my cane), Both feet still numb and tingling at the toes, right leg still weak. My right thigh is still numb from the actual surgery. I get pain there a lot and really need to take my Neurotin to keep it at bay.

See  the Dr. the 29th and after 12 sessions of PT I am not much better than the last time I saw him. PT wants me for 2 more weeks so they "can get me off the cane", even though I told them that walking with the cane doesn't hurt my back!


Friday, September 3, 2010

September 3, 2010

Physical therapy today. This is my 3 session. When I came in for the 2nd session te therapist asked my how I made out after the 1st session. I told he she was a 10. She said thanks and I told her that after I got home I had to take a #10 Percocet!!

Every session they add more excersises! Today I rode a bike for 10 minutes. I can hardly stand up straight now.