Saturday, October 30, 2010

Surgeon Check Up

Saw my doctor on Thursday. Got new x-rays. Dr. said that I am not totally fused yet. He asked what was good and what was bad. I said that overall I am standing straighter, the numbness in my right calf is now completely gone, but still have the lower back (facet) pain when standing or walking (without cane). Still have tingling  in both feet and numbness and weakness in my legs. I told him I have joined a gym, but they didn't want me to start until I saw him and got the OK. He gave me the OK.
He said that the numbness that went away in my right thigh is a bonus. (??) What! He said that any reduction in numbness or tingling is a bonus because of the length of time that the nerves were pinched. Then why did I have this surgery??? If they don't do "facet pain well" and the "nerves were pinched too long" what was the outcome supposed to be??
I asked him for a letter stating that my disability was permanent for my township to get a handicap parking spot in front of my house. He told me that he wouldn't do that. If after 2 more months I have no improvement, he would give it to me. (JERK)


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Surgeon Called me today

My surgeon called me today. I was shocked. He said that the physical therapist was concerned about me and was worried when I left PT. She was always pushing me to stop using the cane. The day after I saw the surgeon and he told me that the surgery didn't work (see previous post) she was pushing me again. I kinda snapped and ranted a little about how the doctor told me that I would be stuck with the cane from now on. I told her that I was sick of PT and sick of her telling me that I don't need the cane. She said that it wasn't necessarily true that I would need the cane, if I did "more work". I told her that if I am comparing my neurosurgeon against her, I would take the NS word. Told her I was out of there.

Surgeon said that he wanted to know if he said anything that could have caused my "problem" with PT. DUH! yea I think so. I told him that I left his office in a fog and all I knew was that the surgery didn't work and that at 50 years old I will use a cane for the foreseeable future. He started backtracking right away. He said he didn't say that the surgery didn't work, said that after 2 YEARS if I was having the same pain he would say the surgery didn't work. (I checked with my wife who was with me at the doctor appointment and she said that she agreed with me, the doctor said it didn't work and I would need a cane). He was really changing his story. He said that I need a home PT schedule to keep up my strength. I was planning on contacting the guy from PT about that, I got his card the last time. Then he asked me if I was going to come in for my appointment at the end of the month. Is this what the call was for, to see if I was going to continue using him! WOW! I am going to see him because he has scheduled xrays to see how the fusion is doing. After that I don't know.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Saw The Surgeon

Saw the surgeon yesterday. Probably the reason I am awake at 5 in the morning. Not good news. While I am better now than before the surgery, I still don't think it was worth it. I still have the same facet joint pain in my lower left back when I stand for more than 5 minutes or walk 50 yards. The walking is better when I use a cane but the standing is still a problem.
The surgeon said that they don't do to well with facet pain. Wish I had heard that BEFORE the surgery. He said that using a cane isn't the worst thing, yea unless your the one having to use it! He reminded me that it is only 2 1/2 months out and final determinations aren't made until 6-12 months. I am holing out hope, but I think that "I am what I am" as far as improving.
Don't get me wrong, there is improvement. I am standing much straighter, most people comment on that. The numbness in my right leg has improved by 75%. I can do some things easier now than before the surgery, however I still have the back pain and that is why I considered the surgery in the first place. I would put up with all of my other problems if I could get some back pain relief!