Saturday, October 30, 2010

Surgeon Check Up

Saw my doctor on Thursday. Got new x-rays. Dr. said that I am not totally fused yet. He asked what was good and what was bad. I said that overall I am standing straighter, the numbness in my right calf is now completely gone, but still have the lower back (facet) pain when standing or walking (without cane). Still have tingling  in both feet and numbness and weakness in my legs. I told him I have joined a gym, but they didn't want me to start until I saw him and got the OK. He gave me the OK.
He said that the numbness that went away in my right thigh is a bonus. (??) What! He said that any reduction in numbness or tingling is a bonus because of the length of time that the nerves were pinched. Then why did I have this surgery??? If they don't do "facet pain well" and the "nerves were pinched too long" what was the outcome supposed to be??
I asked him for a letter stating that my disability was permanent for my township to get a handicap parking spot in front of my house. He told me that he wouldn't do that. If after 2 more months I have no improvement, he would give it to me. (JERK)


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