Monday, January 10, 2011

Doctor Appointment

Had my 6 month checkup with the surgeon. A little freakie. He asked all the same questions as the last appointment. I told basically same shit, different day. Then he said that he wants an MRI to see if any nerves are still impinged. If all the nerves are free I am pretty much screwed. If any nerves are impinged, then they can start with injections and then if no relief, then possibly more surgery. I told him that before we even consider surgery I would need a diagnosis of a more positive outcome. The recovery from the last surgery is still going on and was brutal for the first 3 months.
So we shall see. I will have the MRI, with plenty of valium!! and we will see.

BTW, he still wouldn't give me the letter so I can get a handicap parking space in front of my house. DICK

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  1. Hi Matt:
    Are you sure you are writing about yourself and not me? I could swear you were writing my surgical autobiography, from the surgery, to the Sub acute rehab, (along with the insurance denial), no poop for 10 days! Trouble walking, recovery and of course nerve and muscle pain in the thigh!
    I am on 5 weeks post op now and its 1/19/11
    I hope you are feeling better. by the way, this was my third spine surgery!!