Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Surgery Day July 16th 2010

Woke up, yes I was surprised I slept, at 4:45 AM for arrival at hospital at 6AM. Registered and was sent to pre-op where they asked me what seemed like 100's of questions, talked to the anesthesiologist, got my IV in. My surgeon, Dr. Mitchell came in and talked to my wife, Diane and I about the the surgery.

Surgery started at 9 AM. At 2 PM they notified Diane that the hardware was going in. At 5 PM the told her that there was about 20% left. The surgery was over at 7 PM. 10 hours!!

I was moved to recovery and woke up around 8:30 PM. I have contact burns on my chest, hips and knees due to the 10 hours of face down surgery.

I was taken to my room about 10:30 PM.

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