Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Monday August 9, 2010

Physical Therapist came at 8 AM! We went for a walk and I made it all the way around the block. Sweating my ass off. Therapist told me to talk to the surgeon about changing from my walker to a cane.

Diane took a 1/2 day and took me to the surgeon for a check-up. He was pleased with my progress. He reminded me that I have had major surgery and that with all the repairs that they made, it will be a slow recovery.

He took my off the oxycontin and I am to use the percocet as needed for pain. I told him about the therapist wanting to transition from the walker to a cane and he agreed. Hey no more walker!

Chest irritation still comes and goes. Doctor looked at it and said that the "burn" was healed and I should stop using the burn cream. He said it might be a fungal infection. I am to use Gold Bond power and an anti-fungal cream.

I go back to surgeon on August 30th and I will get x-rays to see how the fusion is going.

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